Using the THAT1646 As A Transistor Pre-Driver/Headphone Amp

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Re: Using the THAT1646 As A Transistor Pre-Driver/Headphone

Post by mediatechnology » Thu Feb 23, 2017 9:52 am

Wow, thanks for the feedback Greg!

You sure can use a 1243 but I would recommend a 1240 for most headphone builds.
I built most if not all of the line amp versions with 1246s but I never found a headphone application that required the added 6 dB attenuation of the 1246.
Still, with some phones (e.g. 300Ω 102dB/mW) you may not have enough gain even with a 1240.

I do offer a new version with gain and "0Ω" output you might want to consider: ... lass-A.htm
On this board you can eliminate the balanced input completely if needed.

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