Op-Amp Booster Stages - Jim Williams 1986 EDN Series

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Op-Amp Booster Stages - Jim Williams 1986 EDN Series

Post by mediatechnology » Sun Aug 12, 2007 8:43 am

I found this while looking for something else and decided it would be worthwhile to scan. It's the Jim Williams 1986 EDN series on op amp booster stages and is worth a revisit.

"Designer's Guide to: Op-amp booster stages-Part 1," "Boost op-amp output without sacrificing drift and gain specs," Jim Williams, EDN, May 29 1986. https://www.ka-electronics.com/images/p ... es_pt1.pdf

Part two "Solve oscillation problems when implementing op-amp power-booster stages." EDN June 12, 1986: https://www.ka-electronics.com/images/p ... es_pt2.pdf

In 1981, while at National Semiconductor Jim also wrote:

"High-powered Booster Circuits Enhance Op-Amp Output," Jim Williams, EDN, May 27, 1981: https://www.ka-electronics.com/images/p ... rcuits.pdf

"Power Gain Stages for Monolithic Amplifiers," Jim Williams, Linear technology AN-18, March 1986: https://www.analog.com/media/en/technic ... /an18f.pdf

Designer's Guide to: Op-amp booster stages Part 1.

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