"Heatsinking," National Semiconductor Audio Handbook

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"Heatsinking," National Semiconductor Audio Handbook

Post by mediatechnology » Sun Sep 25, 2011 2:23 pm

IIRC there was also a National application/tutorial on heat sinks and thermal resistance, junction to case, junction to ambient, etc. That was good for covering the basics.

Yes, there was...

"Heatsinking," National Semiconductor Audio Handbook, pg. 4-46 to 4-50, 1976.

https://www.ka-electronics.com/images/p ... inking.pdf
"Heatsinking," National Semiconductor Audio Handbook, pg. 4-46 to 4-50, 1976.

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Re: "Heatsinking," National Semiconductor Audio Handbook

Post by JR. » Mon Sep 26, 2011 9:59 am

Perhaps I should have formally signed those books over to you... :D When I was younger those books were my "keepers", and good books always walk. I gave these to you because you are an organizing force, and spreading the wealth, not disorganizing like me...

I really appreciate you scanning this stuff, and any young pukes lurking would be well advised to be aware of these references, for the good fundamental information that isn't always taught so concisely in expensive books.

I know from being self-taught how valuable these app notes were to me. I think the reason they wrote them in the first place was because this wasn't common knowledge to working (junior) engineers.

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