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Construction information for DIY projects, including the MS Mid Side Matrix, Elliptic Equalizer, Mastering Console, Phono Transfer System, Insert Switcher and the Dual Class-A Amplifier. You can post your baby pictures here.
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Percy Audio

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When you get a chance check out Michael Percy's offerings at Percy Audio.
*Who we are:

A small business specializing in the supply of electronic parts for audio hobbyists and manufacturers of high-end audio gear.


I founded this business in the early 1980's in response to the difficulty of obtaining high quality electronic parts in small quantities. The frustration that I shared with other friends & audio hobbyists, at the total lack of retail sources for premium components, lead me to pioneer the mailorder audio parts business as it exists today.

*Products featured:

Capacitors from Black Gate, Elna, Hovland, InfiniCap, Nichicon, Rel-Cap, SCR, Solen, and others. Precision resistors from Caddock, Holco, Kiwame, Mills, Roederstein, Vishay, etc. High purity copper and silver chassis wire and cabling, audio connectors, tube sockets, IC's, tubes, soft recovery diodes, volume pots, stepped attenuator kits, switches, shielding, damping materials & feet, Deflex Panels, Last record/CD/tape treatments, and lots of other useful parts and accessories.
Percy Audio Catalog:
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Re: Percy Audio

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I have bought many things from Percy in the distant past. Good to see they're still running.

Doug Williams
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